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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor - Primary Triad 15mL tubes


Product Type: Watercolor

Vendor: Daniel Smith

Out of Stock
DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of Beautiful Watercolors for Artists Worldwide. The Primary Watercolor Set lets you customize basic colors when you mix these 3 bright primary colors together to make secondary oranges, greens and purples.  Set includes a 15ml tube of the following colors:
  • Perylene Red:  Excellent Lightfastness, Semi-transparent, Non-granulating, and Medium Staining.
  • Hansa Yellow Medium:  Excellent Lightfastness, Semi-transparent, Non-granulating, and Low staining.
  • French Ultramarine:  Excellent Lightfastness, Transparent, Granulating, and Medium staining.
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