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Product Type: Fountain Pen Ink

Vendor: J. Herbin

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This 50ml glass bottle of J. Herbin 1798 Anniversary Kyanite de Nepal fountain pen ink comes in a beautiful bottle with a wax seal, worthy of this unique ink. This rich, deep blue ink that moves towards turquoise and has silver pigment particles suspended in it, achieving the sheen that users love so much. 

Kyanite de Nepal is inspired by the gemstone kyanite, which is considered to be a noble gemstone because of its similarities to sapphire.  

Though similar to 1670 inks in depth and viscosity, the opening of the bottle is much wider, the wax top thicker, and the Jacques Herbin logo is engraved on the bottom of the bottle. J. Herbin does include a warning on the box, letting users know to clean out this highly saturated ink from your pen on a regular basis, but the ink is safe for fountain pens. The silver particles settle out of suspension fairly quickly, and these particles can be seen on the bottom of the bottle. The ink, and your pen, should be gently agitated before and occasionally during use.

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