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Koi Watercolor - 18 Color Set


Product Type: Watercolor

Vendor: Sakura

Out of Stock

This portable watercolor set includes:

  • 18 half-pan size watercolors, formulated to blend easily for creating an endless range of colors.
  • A size #6, 9 ml refillable water brush that can be used to store water when packed.
  • A snap lid that acts as an easel for postcard size paper.
  • A detachable, pegged blending palette that can be secured to the right, left, or bottom of the kit.
  • A sponge for dabbing the water brush.
  • A ring on the underside of the kit for easy holding with one hand while painting.

This set includes 18 colors: Burnt Umber, Cerulean Blue, Chinese White, Cobalt Blue Hue, Crimson Lake, Ivory Black, Juane Brilliant, Lemon Yellow, Light Red, Permanent Green Deep, Permanent Yellow Deep, Prussian Blue, Purple, Ultramarine, Vermillion Hue, Viridian Hue, Yellow Green, and Yellow Ochre.

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