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ZIG Posterman Dry-Wipe M

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Product Type: Pens & Markers

Vendor: ZIG Kuretake

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ZIG Posterman Dry-wipe markers are featured in the ZIG Sign line with a range of 5 colors. These 1.2mm fine point markers were designed as a liquid form of chalk for writing on surfaces like illuminating boards, white boards, windows, glass, and other non-porous surfaces. Not suitable for chalk boards as marks may not erase completely from the porous surface. ZIG Posterman Dry-wipe markers write with an almost clear ink that darkens as it instantly dries. Available individually and in a 5 color set. Use ZIG Chalkboard Cleaner for easy removal.

ZIG Posterman Dry-wipe markers are perfect for restaurant and store owners for personalizing sale signs and menu boards.

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