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Ziller Inks


Product Type: Inks

Vendor: Ziller

Glossy Black
Soot Black
North Wind White
Sunflower Yellow
Midnight Blue
Prairie Fire Orange
Sweet Grass Green
Wild Viola Violet
Wild Rose Pink
Winter Sky Gray
French Lavender
Periwinkle Blue
Spring Green
Peach Blush
Cardinal Red
Powder - Glossy Black Ink
Buffalo Brown
Azure Blue
Aqua Blue Green
Lagoon Blue
Meadow Green
Tranquil Taupe
Mauve Mist
Flamingo Pink
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Ziller acrylic co-polymer inks include the following characteristics:

  • Being lightfast
  • sub-micron sized pigments
  • pH balanced
  • Waterproof
  • water soluble
  • easy to clean up with water and a little ammonia
  • offers fine hairlines
  • conforms to the ASTMD-4236 labeling requirements and meets the EN-71 testing standards for soluble heavy metals.

For best results stir frequently (don't shake) while using to keep liquids well mixed and the white pigment in suspension. After opening and returning to storage, periodically check to see if you need to add distilled water to keep product fresh and ready to use.

History on the Powdered Glossy Black: The Ziller Classic Glossy Black Ink Powder was originally called Elegant Glossy Black Ink Powder. The earliest record they have of the ink being sold is in 1898 in the Penman's Art Journal ads. The ink was formulated specifically for steel dip pens to achieve a fine hairline and a thick glossy broad stroke. FW Tamblyn and Stephen Ziller included this ink in the self study calligraphy kits that they sold starting in 1895 through the 1950's.

This formula makes an unique medium for invitations of all types. Classic Glossy Black is also very suitable for off hand flourishing and signature writing.

Just add boiling water to the first ring on the wall of the jar and stir. Don't shake - just stir. It will take a little time to dissolve. Stir before every use. If the ink is too thick - just add some distilled water.

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